Everybody Can Do With Some Barbed Wire To Secure Their Premises

You roll your eyes and squirm. Just your tiny lot is about to be transformed into a kind of Fort Knox. Well, why the heck not. Let passersby think what they will about the proverbial monstrosity of reams of security barbed wire because at the end of the day, who is going to be sorry now. If passing burglars had any wisdom left in their noodles, they would not give your (secure) premises a second thought. 

Sure, barbed wire can be snipped through, but not in next to no time, not unless you’ve gone and installed the strongest wire. And if you’ve implanted rolls of the stuff on top of your fencing, complete idiots who dare to try their luck are about to be ripped to shreds. Take your pick, get ripped to shreds by the barbed wire, or get ripped to shreds by the resident Rottweiler. Like the wire, he makes not a sound.

security barbed wire

While there is the element of surprise, the fact of the matter is that a clear visible signal has been given. As a burglar, you would have to be blind not to see it all. And in any case, professional burglars have such things to look out for on their regular checklist alongside of their regular shopping lists. Those who did not get it are, wait for it, spending time behind bars. Check out what their visiting hours are like, pay them a visit and find out from them what it was like to be ripped to shreds by barbed wire.

If not barbed wire, then shark-like edges on the top of a high concrete wall. These edges have to be long and sharp enough to make life as awkward as possible for the resident burglar.