Unique Ideas for Your Bar Motif

There are plenty of bars in every city, so when you open one, the idea is to set yourself apart from the rest. You aren’t going to do that with the alcohol, either, which is going to be nearly the same as everywhere else. There are other ways to set yourself apart, however. Here are just a few.

Antique-Styled Mirror Behind the Bar

Mirror projects San Rafael CA are becoming increasingly popular. An antique-styled mirror behind the bar can give a rustic or old west feel that makes everyone feel like a cowboy. Not quite your thing? An antique mirror can also be made to resemble those used in old speak-easies.

Unique Bar Stools

Many bars have taken a unique route with their bar stools – like the bar who makes it look like standing people. You could decorate them in whatever theme your bar follows. Maybe choose stools that look like saddles for an old west saloon, or tall computer chairs for a more upscale bar catering to the business crowd. In a casino? Maybe you could make the top of your stools look like dice.

Tables That Stand Out

Tables can be customized to stand out also. For example, some people place glass pieces over the regular countertop and use something underneath – like posters of celebrities, maps, old pictures of your local area. The idea is to use something very cool that will keep people interested. When choosing something, think about whether your venue is strictly a bar, or whether you have a sitting area for families to eat. 

Unique Menu

Mirror projects San Rafael CA

The last thing you can do to set your bar apart from everyone else is the menu. You can use catchy names for the food that fit with your theme – and always make sure you have at least one item on the menu that other bars do not have.